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Pinch Provisions is the leading purveyor of personal care kits and premium emergency essentials, combining the sensibility of a luxury brand with the convenience of a modern general store. 

Known for its little kits with a cult following, we’re proud to introduce a new corporate branding assortment. Which means that now, whenever they’re in a pinch, they’ll remember you.

For over a decade, Pinch Provisions has been pushing the boundaries of personal care, crafting innovative emergency kits that redefine what it means to be prepared. Filled to the brim with premium essentials, we don’t skimp on what goes on the inside. And we dedicate the same attention to detail when it comes to designing the outside.

As the industry leader with millions of kits sold, Pinch Provisions is a design-led, quality-obsessed brand that you’ll be proud to give, and they’ll be thrilled to carry.